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Unify Health Reviews

Good health starts in the gut. That’s what Unify Health Labs founder and music legend Randy Jackson found when he went on a journey to revitalize his health. After years of research, his company released Multi-GI 5, a comprehensive gut-health supplement. This article will look at Multi-GI 5 reviews, ingredients, and potential benefits, so you can see if it's right for you.

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Tonya Wallace, on 12-04-2022

I went to the doctor they ran all kinds of tests because my stomach was hurting me so bad but they could never find anything wrong, it even got to the point that I was having diarrhea every single morning that I get up. I came across this product and decided to try it because at this point I was willing to try anything that would maybe help me with my digestive system. All the doctors in the world can figure it out but one jar of this product multi G.I. five has done The job that they claim it will do. I love this product. My husband even started taking it and he absolutely loves it also. If you have stomach issues don’t spend thousand dollars on test try the multi G.I. five to see if maybe that will help your problems because every test my doctor took he could not figure out what was wrong with my stomach hurting so bad. No more stomach pains no more bloating no more diarrhea I’m going to the bathroom every single day that something I haven’t done in years.

Dianne Fraga, on 12-03-2022
Love the Multi GI 5

I like it a lot it’s very easy to drink. My daily business is problematic free, I buy it when I can, one jar at a time when the price is right. Living on a fixed income keeps life interesting.

Joy Elizabeth Brothers, on 12-02-2022
absolutely wonderful

I love this product. My stomach feels a whole lot cleaner and freer if thats a word. I have hypothyroidism and this product has helped my gut properly function. I can really feel the difference. If I miss a day, I regret it.

June Grandison, on 12-02-2022
look no more

it is the best so far i have been trying so many other prodect

Josephine Raptis, on 11-22-2022

Is helping me achieve my weight loss goal gradually, as it should be. The added energy is a plus as I am 79 years old and the appetite suppressant is a big help

Dorothy Love, on 11-14-2022
Product As Described!

After using two other Unify Labs Products, I decided to add Multi-Trim Max to my weight-loss-program. After only one month, of continued use I am profoundly pleased with the Products and my body's response to them.

Madelon Washington, on 11-04-2022

I am 80 years old and very active. I’ve been totally satisfied with Multi G5. Ive used it for at least three years and every time I decide to take myself off it because on a fixed income, it’s kind of hard to keep up with the cost. I go for a couple of days and notice the bloating in my stomach and have to start on it again. I have always had trouble with bloating and things changed when I started using the product.

Kads Symms, on 11-01-2022
Restored normal bowel function

I enjoy this in the a.m. It gets that first drink if water down. I was near the end of my first jar CD and didn’t take it for a week while on vacation. That proved to me that this product does make a difference in a normal go. I am ready to start jar#3.

Joan Bennett, on 10-30-2022

I had immediate results after I had my first mixture. I knew something was unsettling on my digestive process and always hearing sounds in my stomach. A short while after drinking it, the gas sounds were gone!

Sheila Conner, on 10-28-2022
Works as Advertised

Your product is great. It worked so well that I ordered several more so I wouldn't run out. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Tina, on 10-24-2022

Love this product it works very well and does what you say it does We'll recommend to friends

Sindy Martin, on 10-16-2022
Best Appetite Suppressant

Multi-Metabolic 5 is the best appetite suppressant I have ever tried! It works!

Annette Pratte, on 10-13-2022
Great Product

I like it a lot. Combines well. I feel better when using it.

Sue, on 10-02-2022
Met my expectations

I have tried many products to feel less bloated and be regular. This product has done the job, satisfying taste. Ordered another months supply

Jay Clark, on 09-08-2022
It worked for me

I don't no what I was expecting but this product seems to do everything that it says it does was very few side effects. In fact the only side effect I can't even think of is that it burns my throat a little. That's probably not due to the product however. I don't want to start my day without this product. In fact I own a small marketing company and I am definitely going to mention it on some of my websites. If they have an affiliate program I for sure will join. I am one satisfied customer.

Kala Clifton, on 09-05-2022

AAAAAAMAZING PRODUCT! If you’re skeptical about this product, don’t be. This stuff is amazing and works as advertised. Just try 1 jar, I assure you, you’ll be back for 3 more! I’m so glad I watched the video on FB and gave it a shot.

Kimberly Rose Mcgill, on 08-24-2022
Regular at last!

I really like the flavor! I was having issues with blockages in my colon. Started using this a few weeks ago. Normal bathroom runs are 2-3 times a day now. [...]

Diane Grigsby, on 08-23-2022

I love it!

Teresa Neitch, on 08-17-2022
GI Relief

My bloating is gone and my stools are starting to firm up. I'm so happy with the results.

Barbara Norvish, on 08-13-2022
it works for me.

Leaky gut issues are all but gone. Intestines empty regularly without strain. Need more.

Darrin L Cooper Sr, on 08-11-2022

I love this

Krishna Siota, on 08-10-2022
Boost my Energy

I think this product is GREAT! I have only taken this for 2 weeks and I could already tell a big difference. Lesser gas and abdominal discomfort and I have more energy. It is a great product!

Kim Capen, on 08-07-2022
Love my G-5

I'm ready to reorder and maybe start the metabolism booster too since the G5 works so good

Christina Polk, on 08-05-2022

I think it is a wonderful product...I've had a lot of tummy problems and since I've been using Unify my stomach feels so much better, thank you.

Kathy, on 08-03-2022
Multi-K2 D3

Great product; also looks great too, so palatable

Darlene Worsley, on 07-29-2022
It really WORKS!!!

I am 2 days in and I feeling the effects, and food cravings have already gone.

Jill Smith, on 07-26-2022
It DOES work!

I was skeptical at first and I even told them nothing was working after the first month and they said hey keep on going girl so I did it on the second month things started moving haha!

Chad, on 07-24-2022

I am feeling the effects already. 2 days in. This stuff is Great.

Kimberly Mcclurkan, on 07-21-2022
Good cleanse

The total cleanse has helped my bowel movement go smoothly. My waist is looking better in the shape. Thank you for the products!

Barry Mangham, on 07-14-2022
Good Product

Just start using but already have lost a little weight

Karen Haas, on 07-14-2022

Excellent product. Helps with gas, bloating and improved bathroom habits.

Willie, on 07-12-2022

This product is amazing. I wasn’t expecting to have such quick results for me. My urine flow is stronger, and sleeping better through the night with no frequented urgency to go to the bathroom. I’m very happy. Thank you Unify Health Labs! Tell Randy, I said hello!

Melissa, on 07-09-2022

Much more energy since taking K2D3.

Mary Stroud, on 07-04-2022
Total cleanse

It does what it’s suppose to do. I feel better already

Sherry, on 07-02-2022

Love it I can feel my insides changing daily been on unify gi5 for 2 weeks

Peggy Martin, on 06-30-2022
Just what I needed

I love the fresh taste of an ice-cold drink first thing in the morning. I had tons of energy and lost a few pounds in the process.

Brenda, on 06-24-2022
I feel the difference

I am a person driven by cravings and since starting Multi GI5 my cravings have gone way down and therefore I’m eating less. I feel good and my system is regular. I highly recommend this product. It tastes great too!

Debbie, on 06-19-2022
Amazing stuff!

I’ve used this product less than a week and can already feel the difference in my joints and energy levels! And I absolutely love the flavor!

Jennifer, on 06-11-2022

Fast delivery, tastes good and results within 2 days after YEARS of discomfort. Two weeks in I am more regular than I've been in years!!

Cindy, on 06-01-2022
Love it!!

Tastes great. Can’t wait to have it every morning. I am regular and my stomach is flat. Feeling good!

Crystal Robert, on 05-26-2022
Really works

I am putting in this review for my husband who has been battling proper digestive issues for a long time. This product has help him tremendously. We swear by it. I think I might also try it for myself.

Tifinie Patterson, on 05-19-2022
Love the product.

Really works and I have a happy gut for the first time in years. This is the only product that has worked for me. Well worth the money.

Lorena Escoto, on 05-16-2022

Amazing! I love it. My energy level is great

Margaret Obrien, on 05-12-2022
GI 5

Love this product it really works I have tried everything

Elaine Luyten, on 05-11-2022
Multi Gi 5

This product is excellent. Works right away. Helps with digestion, cravings. the best product I have tired in a long time. Thanks Randy.

Christy Alvarado, on 05-11-2022

Amazing. The only thing that has ever controlled my appetite and cravings... this drink as been my solution to keeping my weight down.

Carolyn Rassias, on 05-11-2022
Fantastic Product

This product is better than described. Works wonderful and I feel I am totally cleaned out. So glad I bought multiple jars.

Jessica Soderberg, on 05-07-2022
Life Saver

I'm so thankful, to have found multi cleans. It has absolutely regulated my entire digestive system... Not over night but in a beverage of your choice, for 7 days to reach the 1st results after that you may space out your intake. Continue on for however long you feels right for you, we know our own body's. Thanks guy's everyone, as I'm finally regular.

Priscilla, on 05-06-2022
Less bloating

I have less bloating

Debra A Harper, on 05-05-2022

Great in flavor and it works!!

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What Is Multi-GI 5™?

Multi-GI 5™ is a strawberry lemonade-flavored drink mix which contains 12 powerhouse gut health ingredients. Many Multi-GI 5™️ reviews say the drink tastes delicious and is easy to prepare. The Multi-GI 5™️ formula is composed of prebiotics, probiotics, and a GI Health blend that’s designed to support a healthy gut lining. If you suffer from occasional digestive discomfort, like gas and bloating, weight gain, or low energy, you may benefit from this formula.†*

How Does Multi-GI 5™️ Work?

Multi-GI 5™️’s 12 ingredients can be classified into three categories: prebiotics, probiotics, and a GI health blend. 

What Are The Key Ingredients In Multi-GI 5™️?

Prebiotic Blend – 4 g

GI Health Blend – 433 mg

Probiotic Blend – 37.64 mg

Other Ingredients:

Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Natural Sweetener Blend (Erythritol, Oligosaccharides, Natural Flavor), Enzymatically Modified Stevia, Silica, Monk Fruit Extract7

Potential Benefits of Unify Health Multi-GI 5™?

When Randy Jackson developed Multi-GI 5™ with Unify Health Labs, he sought to create a comprehensive gut-health supplement. Multi-GI 5™ is designed to support the health of the gastric mucosal lining, the gastrointestinal wall, and the balance of the microflora living in the gut. When you take Multi-GI 5™, you can expect:


If you suffer from digestive discomforts, like occasional gas, stomach issues, bloating, and diarrhea, you may want to look into a gut-health supplement like Multi-GI 5™. Shoring up your gut health can help boost digestive health, and it can also support you if you suffer from weight gain, low energy, and other gut-related issues. This Multi-GI 5™ review gives this supplement two thumbs up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Take Multi-GI 5?

Each jar of Multi-GI 5™ comes with instructions for preparing this strawberry lemonade-flavored drink mix. To make it for yourself, simply mix a scoop of the powder with water, unsweetened ice tea, or your favorite drink. 

Where Do You Buy Multi-GI 5™?

You can buy Multi-GI 5™ directly from Unify Health Labs. When you buy directly from, you can ensure your product is authentic, and you can take advantage of their 90-day money-back guarantee.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Many Multi-GI 5™ reviews report it only takes a couple of weeks to see results. For others, it may take up to a month of consistent use. For best results, take this product consistently. Always ask your doctor before starting a new supplement routine.

What’s The Return Policy For Multi-GI 5™?

Unify Health Labs offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for this product. They encourage you to try it consistently for at least 30 days and take note of the changes in your digestive health. If you don’t like this product for any reason, you can return it within 90 days for a full refund of your purchase price, minus shipping. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.  †These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Sources